💡Creating Smart Device Groups in Swif!

With Swif’s automation, Device Management just got way easier.

Hello Swif Family,

Let’s all hop into the grand launch of the latest software features and revisit the step-by-step product demonstrations provided by Swif. Let’s learn the fresh process altogether. The Swif way!

We all know the manual setup of devices can be a nuisance sometimes but with the help of Swif’s Smart Device Groups automation, users can now create a new smart group with a feature for receiving future updates automatically! Sign up right now for free at swif.ai and automate device security, install applications, commands and policies automatically by following these key guidelines.

Key Guidelines:

Step 1: Navigate to Device Groups

  • Head to the device management section and kickstart your journey by clicking on the 'Create new group' button.

Step 2: Choose Smart Device Group and Pick a Name

  • Opt for the Smart Device Group option, setting the stage for an intelligent and automated grouping process. Give your group a meaningful name that reflects its purpose and identity within your organizational structure.

Step 3: Select Assignee or Label

  • Determine the assignee or label that will govern the devices included in this group, providing a dynamic and flexible grouping criterion.

Step 4: Rule Assignment

  • For assignees, you can select multiple users from the dropdown list. This is useful if you want to create a smart group for a specific team in your organization.

  • For labels, you can select multiple labels. This is useful if you want to create a smart group for devices with specific labels in your organization.

Step 5: Exclude Specific Devices

  • Tailor your group by excluding specific devices, offering unparalleled customization.

Step 6: Assign Policies

  • Define the specific policies you want to assign to the devices in your group, ensuring compliance and streamlined management.

Step 7: Install Software

  • Choose from a list of software to be installed on the devices within your group, ensuring uniformity and optimized operations.

Step 8: Execute Commands

  • Enhance control by selecting commands to be executed on devices within your group, adding an extra layer of customization.

Step 9: Review and Finish

  • Take a moment to review your preferences, ensuring they align with your organizational needs. Click 'Finish' to create your Smart Device Group.

📽️ Prefer a visual walkthrough? Check out our hands-on video tutorial here!

After filling in all those sequences, you've successfully managed to Create a Smart Device Group in Swif. Repeat this process as needed to create tailored groups that align with your organizational structure. Thank you for choosing Swif to elevate your device management experience!

As always, keep in touch for more exciting product updates and thrilling Podcast episodes to be released very soon.

Happy Managing and Stay Compliant!👋

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