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🚀Elevating into 2024 with Security, Sustainability, and Inspiring Conversations!

Swif Joins Dreamit Ventures SecureTech, Recognized for Innovative AI-Powered SaaS Platform Ensuring Device Security Across Multiple Operating Systems

Dear Swif Family,

As we embark on a new chapter in 2024, we are thrilled to share exciting updates and initiatives that set the stage for a year of growth and innovation at Swif.

To enhance our commitment to data security, we are proud to introduce the Application Block Policy. This policy empowers our users with the ability to control app installations, updates, and operating system updates, ensuring a secure and reliable computing environment.

As part of our ongoing efforts to meet the highest standards of information security, this policy plays a pivotal role in the ISO 27001 audit. We understand the critical importance of safeguarding your data, and the Application Block Policy is a proactive measure to reinforce our commitment to your security.

Application Block Policy (macOS)

Navigating Application Block Policy

Understanding the intricacies of the Application Block Policy is crucial for all users.

For instance, to block a macOS update, navigate to Settings -> Software Update and type the following Signing Id List: "platform:com.apple.preferences.softwareupdate.remoteservice". This will match specific apps signed by a particular team.

Set Signing ID List to block certain apps signed by a team

You can also block by application names, eg. Adobe.

Set app name to block

As a practical example, attempting to open Acrobat Reader after implementing the policy will trigger an alert message. This ensures that our users are informed about the security measures in place while maintaining transparency about application restrictions.

Podcast Recap with Linda Ohairwe

In case you missed it, be sure to tune in to our podcast episode featuring Linda Ohairwe, the Head of People & Culture at New York Sun Works. In this engaging discussion, we explored a range of topics, including our collaborative efforts with schools to build hydroponic classrooms. Linda shared insights into expanding our sustainable solutions to offices across the country, underlining the importance of environmental consciousness in the workplace.

Dreamit Ventures Welcomes Swif

In a momentous development, we are delighted to announce that Swif has joined the Dreamit Ventures SecureTech! This recognition is a testament to Swif's innovative AI-powered SaaS platform, offering a seamless experience for ensuring devices are secure and compliant across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Thank you for being an essential part of the Swif community. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations

Warm Regards,
Angelo Huang

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