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  • 🚀 Swif AI: Semifinalist in Confluent's $1M Data Streaming Startup Challenge!

🚀 Swif AI: Semifinalist in Confluent's $1M Data Streaming Startup Challenge!

Swif announced as a semifinalist in Confluent's $1M Data Streaming Startup Challenge

Dear Swif Family,

We're excited to share some fantastic news with you!

Swif AI has been selected as one of the ten semifinalists in Confluent's prestigious $1M Data Streaming Startup Challenge! 🌟 Among nearly 100 applications spanning 22 countries, Swif AI stood out for its exceptional use of Kafka and Confluent to enhance device security.

Confluent's panel of data streaming expert judges, including senior leaders from sales, marketing, and engineering, were impressed by Swif's innovative approach.

We're honored to be recognized for our dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology for the benefit of our users.

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Warm Regards,
Angelo Huang

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