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Swif Launches Compliance-ready Policies and Self-assign Enrollment

In case you missed it, Swif’s exclusive Podcast guest, Paul from PixelEdge!

Hello Swif Family,

Before we share exciting product updates, we invite you to take a look at the electrifying blog post by Paul Silva, Chief Innovation Officer at PixelEdge. You can check it out here on Paul's biography and blog posting website.

This insightful post covers a spectrum of topics, offering valuable perspectives on technology, enterprise software, consulting brilliance, and the intersection of art and passion. So let’s all unite and watch our favorite podcast episodes together Swif community.

In the blog post, Paul stated his experience live on the Pod with Jeremy Lam, Swif’s very own Account Executive and Podcast host. Once again, let’s give it up to Paul and Jeremy to discuss their brilliant takeaways. Now onto the spotlight for the launch of Swif’s new products!

Product Highlights:

Compliance-ready policies: Policy management can help organizations ensure their macOS and Windows devices are configured and used consistently and securely. It can also simplify compliance requirements across many devices.

Swif created the best-in-class policy management so you can create and deploy major compliance-required policies in seconds. Companies that are looking for compliance like SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPPA, or PCI can launch mission-critical device policies with ease.

Self-assign Enrollment: No idea what device belongs to who? No worries. At Swif installation, we ask device owners to enter their Email and first and Last Name as part of the process so you can easily know who’s devices are. A newly enrolled device will be automatically assigned to the employee when the email matches with your employee records.

How to Tune In:

Don't miss out on this intriguing episode Swif Family! Listen on Swif’s YouTube Channel or visit our website: https://www.swif.ai/podcasts/paul-silva

Read the full blog post on Paul Silva's website to unlock a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

And as always, stay tuned for the upcoming Podcast episodes delivered to your Swif Mailbox.

Happy Managing and Stay Compliant!👋

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